In this project we show that how we use the lift for multi level parking system.


In this project we use ic 89c2051 micro controller to run the lift. 89c2051 is a 20 pin controller from the 8051 family. 8051 family is a 40 pin  ic. In this project we use one dc motor  for the lift. Few reed sensor to monitor the lift and few sensor to check the availability of the space.

In this lift when we start the lift then we use start switch. After pressing a start switch dc motor start and when it reaches to the first floor then firstly we sense the floor by reed sensor. Reed sensor is magnetic sensor, when  magnet connected to the lift is  near by the reed sensor then reed sensor is activate and provide a signal to the controller. Controller sense the floor position and at  the same time it checks the space position, if the space is there then lift stop automatically otherwise lift go forward to the next floor. In this project we use two floor  and  only two space for the  parking.  We design the lift for only two floor and two sensor, but it is possible to use this system for multi- floor and multi space option.

Here in this project we monitor the floor and space every thing by the reed sensor. So we use magnetic proximity switches to monitor the space  and position of the lift.

We use Dc motor to lift  the base platform of the  lift



In this project we use micro controller to control the direction of motor with proximity switches and monitor the  space of the  parking. Here in this project we use ic 89c2051 controller to sense all the logic. 89c2051 is a 20 pin member of the main 40 pin controller. We use 89c2051 because here in this project we use only 2 output for motor and control signal is only four. Out of four sensor, two sensor  is for the floor  and two sensor for the space. 89c2051 is a small micro controller with 128 byte of ram and 2 k byte of flash memory.





  1. used for automatic carparking in advance system
  2.  for automation in industry caryong raw material like machines, machines parts
  3. in building materil industry for carrying cement etc.
  4. for lift purpose

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