AVR Project List final year projects

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All these Project can possible with PC/8051/AVR/PIC/ARM

Vision-Based Eye-Gaze Tracking for Human Computer Interface

Human-computer interaction has become an increasingly important part of our daily lives. The movement of user’s eyes can provide a convenient, natural and high-bandwidth source of input. By tracking the direction of gaze of the user, the bandwidth of communication from the user to the computer can be increased by using the information about what the user is looking at, and even designing objects specially intended for the user to look at.

A variety of eye-gaze (eye-movement) tracking techniques have been reported in the literature. A short list includes Electra-Oculography, Limbus, Pupil and Eyelid Tracking, Contact Lens Method, Cornea1 and Pupil Reflection Relationship, Purkinje Image Tracking, Artificial Neural Networks and Head Movement Measurement.

Computer vision is intrinsically non-intrusive, and does not require any overly expensive equipment. Nonobtrusive sensing technology – such as video cameras and microphones – has received special attention in this regard. This paper draws on computer vision and image processing techniques for measuring eye-gaze


GSM Based SMS Driven Automatic Display Toolkit for College Noticeboard

The main aim of the project will be to design a SMS driven automatic display toolkit which can replace the currently used programmable electronic display. It is proposed to design receive cum display toolkit which can be programmed from an authorized mobile phone.

The message to be displayed is sent through a SMS from anauthorized transmitter. The toolkit receives the SMS, validates the sending Mobile Identification Number (MIN) and displays the desired information after necessary code conversion.

The system is made efficient by using ‘clone’ SIMs of same MIN in a geographical area so that the same SMS can be received by number of display boards in a locality using techniques of time division multiple access. Started of as an instantaneous News display unit, we have improved upon it and tried to take advantage of the computing capabilities of microcontroller. We envision a toolkit that will not only display message but also can be used to do some mechanical work.

Looking into current trend of information transfer in the campus, it is seen that important notice take time to be displayed in the notice boards. This latency is not expected in most of the cases and must be avoided.

Deriving Activity from RFID Detection in an Assisted Living Context

There has been a significant growth in the deployment of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) in the supply chain in the recent years. Since RFID requires less cost and infrastructure than the sensor networks such as Ultrasonic or Wi-Fi, it has been applied in many business and research domains.

The major applications of RFID technology include location position, object tracking and activity monitoring. Particularly in the individual activity monitoring circumstance, it is expected that by detecting the object with which the person interacted, the related personal movement is able to be recognized. However, the inherent unreliability of RFID data results in the uncertainty of the RFID detection of activity.

This research estimates the accuracy of using RFID detection records to monitor personal activity in an assisted living context. The methodology for this research is a quantitative approach by using design science. Two real experiments are conducted for performing activity monitoring in a laboratory environment. Both experiment results show that false positive reads have a serious influence on the accuracy of detecting individual motion. In order to remove the noisy data from the original RFID data stream, the multi-level data pre-processing method is used and analysed in the research. The cleaned dataset shows the perfect accuracy of personal activity inference.

Although this proposed method is efficient for filtering the noisy data and predicting the correct individual movement in this research, it only focuses on recognizing the regular personal activity in a clean indoor environment. Due to the complexity of human indoor behaviour, future exploration needs to be carried out in other different environmental backgrounds.

Multi-processor for high-performance embedded processing

Modern embedded markets call for high density computing ability, making it is difficult to use just one microprocessor to meet function requirements of highperformance embedded systems. Multiple processors, including general-purpose embedded microprocessors, digital signal processors (DSPs), ASICs and FPGA hardware accelerators, are often used in these embedded systems.

Not all processors in an embedded device have the same characteristics and they are asymmetric. Heterogeneous multiprocessors bring forward difficulties in both hardware and software designs. The paper addresses the issues of supporting parallelization in asymmetric multiprocessor (AMP) environment from both hardware and software sides, including cache coherence, semaphore and embedded software programming.


With the development of silicon technologies, embedded chips become more powerful and have more dense computing ability. Embedded processors take the place of general-purpose PC processors not only because of their low cost but also because of their low power consumption, rich functionality and high reliability.


Adaptive Missile Guidance Using GPS

In the modern day theatre of combat, the need to be able to strike at targets that are on the opposite side of the globe has strongly presented itself. This had led to the development of various types of guided missiles. These guided missiles are self-guiding weapons intended to maximize damage to the target while minimizing collateral damage.

The buzzword in modern day combat is fire and forget. GPS guided missiles, using the exceptional navigational and surveying abilities of GPS, after being launched, could deliver a warhead to any part of the globe via the interface pof the onboard computer in the missile with the GPS satellite system.

Under this principle many modern day laser weapons were designed. Laser guided missiles use a laser of a certain frequency bandwidth to acquire their target. GPS/inertial weapons are oblivious to the effects of weather, allowing a target to be engaged at the time of the attacker’s choosing.


RF Power Harvesting Circuit

To facilitate data transfer in adverse RF propagation environments (1/r^3 loss), the chip receives a 1 Mbps data signal with a sensitivity of -90 dBm while consuming just 1.6 nJ/bit. The receiver operates without the addition of any external passives facilitating its application in Smartdust scale (mm^3) wireless sensor networks. This represents an order of magnitude decrease in power consumption over receiver designs of comparable sensitivity.

In an effort to further extend the lifetime of the transceiver, RF power harvesting is explored as a power source. The small scale of  sensor networks poses unique challenges in the design of RF power scavenging systems. To meet these challenges, novel design improvements to an RF power scavenging circuit integrated directly onto CMOS are presented. These improvements include a reduction in the threshold voltage of diode connected MOSFET and sources of circuit parasitics that are unique to integrated circuits.

Jumping Micro-Robot

As the capability and complexity of robotic platforms continue to evolve from the macro to micro-scale, innovation of such systems is driven by the notion that a robot must be able to sense, think, and act.

The traditional architecture of a robotic platform consists of a structural layer upon which, actuators, controls, power, and communication modules are integrated for optimal system performance. The structural layer, for many micro-scale platforms, has commonly been implemented using a silicon die, thus leading to robotic platforms referred to as “walking chips”.

A Low-Cost Efficient Wireless Architecture for Rural Network Connectivity

Many rural regions around the world, especially in developing regions, do not have good connectivity solutions which are economically viable. As a result, many of these regions remain disconnected from both the rest of the world and from progress in general.

In this proposal, I will describe the design of WiFi-based Rural Extensions (WiRE), a new wireless network architecture that can provide connectivity to rural regions at extremely low costs. The WiRE architecture is tailored for the typical rural landscape in several developing regions, in which the population is spread across small but scattered rural regions (less than 1-2 sq kms) within 100-200 kms of the city. WiRE is designed to be a wireless distribution network that extends connectivity from the city to each village.

Biometric Fingerprint Identification

Identification of individuals is a very basic societal requirement. Electronic verification of a person’s identity is of great importance as more interactions take place electronically. Biometric fingerprint identification is a technique used to change thephysical attribute of a person ie; his finger print into electronic processes.

Until recently electronic verification was based on something the person had in their possession like a password. But the problem is that these forms aren’t very secure because passwords can be forgotten or taken away.

In biometric finger print identification a scanner is used to get the image of the finger. When a user places his or her finger on the terminals of scanner the image is electronically read, analysed and compared with a previously recorded image of the same finger, which has been stored in finger scan data base. Finger print is a proven technology capable of high levels of accuracy.


Automatic Street Light Control System

Automatic Street Light Control System is a simple and powerful concept, which uses transistor as a switch to switch ON and OFF the street light automatically. By using this system manual works are removed. It automatically switches ON lights when the sunlight goes below the visible region of our eyes. It automatically switches OFF lights under illumination by sunlight. This is done by a sensor called Light Dependant Resistor (LDR) which senses the light actually like our eyes.

By using this system energy consumption is also reduced because now-a-days the manually operated street lights are not switched off properly even the sunlight comes and also not switched on earlier before sunset. In sunny and rainy days, ON time and OFF time differ significantly which is one of the major disadvantage of using timer circuits or manual operation.

This project exploits the working of a transistor in saturation region and cut-off region to switch ON and switch OFF the lights at appropriate time with the help of an electromagnetically operated switch.

Automatic Streetlight needs no manual operation of switching ON and OFF. The system itself detects whether there is need for light or not. When darkness rises to a certain value then automatically streetlight is switched ON and when there is other source of light, the street light gets OFF. The extent of darkness at which the street light to be switched on can also be tailored using the potentiometer provided in the circuit.

Moreover, the circuit is carefully designed to avoid common problems like overload, relay chattering and inductive kick back in relay.


Walking Stick with Heart Attack Detection

The ECG circuitry unit on the wrist captures abnormal heart beat signal from the patient. The micro controller on the stick runs a heart attack algorithm. Warning is given out to the person about his heart condition. The Bluetooth emergency calling system calls for medical help at the moment of heart attack. This project aims to shorten the time between the moment of heart attack and thearrival of medical personal. The warning before the emergency call will give the patient a chance to avoid heart attack.

Two biosensors worn on the user’s wrists send the real ECG signal to the analog ECG circuitry. The amplified and filtered analog output of the circuitry is converted from analog to digital signal and transmitted to the unit on the walking stick. The ECG circuitry unit, the A/D converter, and the transmitter are worn on one of the user’s wrists. The wireless connection between the unit on the wrist and the main unit on the walking stick gives the user more freedom to move by avoiding wire attachment between the wrist and the stick.

The receiver on the stick receives the digital ECG signal, and the microcontroller runs a heart attack algorithm to detect possible heart attack symptoms. If any symptom of heart attack is detected, the risk level rises. When the risk level reaches up to the emergency mode, the Bluetooth module activates the user’s mobile phone to call 911 for medical help.


Laser Guided Vehicle

The work done in this master thesis concerns laser guided vehicles, and more specifically the autonomous navigation by following the edge of a road. The idea is that using two synchronized lasers on top of each other would increase the robustness of the road detection, compared to only one laser.

The algorithm was developed in Matlab, using a sequence ofscans recorded on a snowy road with snow piles on the sides. The road detection uses the Hough transform for each scan. The relative position of the robot on the road is then estimated from the road edges detections. The control law is based on the “dog-rabbit principle”.

Simulations were done in Matlab, and a few tests have also been done on the MICA wheelchair. The algorithm was successful when following a straight corridor, but some more work has to be put into dealing with intersections, and on predicting the detection.


Robo Design to pick everyday objects

In this project, you can learn how robotic technology can improve the lives of people with disabilities to help them pick everyday objects. In the laboratory, Lego Mindstorms NXT kits are used to create an artificial arm or hand that can lift small objects, such as a coffee cup.

In the process, you can discover and explore the following concepts and ideas: Hooke’s Law, hysteresis, Newton’s Second Law, accuracy and precision, rapid prototyping, and the relationship between the voltage applied to a motor and its speed.


Audio Guidance System for the Blind

Project Objectives

  • The main goal of the project is to provide a cost-effective way to allow buildings to support blind people.
  • The Blind Audio Guidance System hopes to allow visually impaired users to simply press a button, speak the desired destination, and be guided there with theuse of audio instructions.
  • The system hopes to provide a portable unit that can easily be carried and operated by a visually impaired user. It could easily be incorporated into a walking cane.

Design Possibilities

Many different design possibilities were explored during research.

  • Wireless Sensor Networks – Due to the high amount of sensors required for large buildings, this may be impractical, especially when user direction must be tracked. Programming would be much more complex.
  • RSSI Techniques – This can be effective at finding distances base on signal strength but is also affected by the direction problem.
  • RFID – Seems to provide the most cost effective and simplest way to determine direction using the technique that the team has developed. The programming using this technique would also be less complex.


  • Temperature controller  and LCD display

    This Project is used to indicate the temperature and it is also used as controller. The system will get the temperature from the DS1820 and it will display the temperature over the LCD display. There are 2 preset levels, one is low preset and the other is High preset. The temperature was compared with the value stored by the user and if the temperature goes beyond the High Preset temperature then an relay is switched ON until the temperature comes below the Low preset temperature.The temperature limits are stored inside the EEPROM, since 89s52 dont have inbuilt eeprom. The IC 24C02 is the eeprom chip and it is connected to the microcontroller through the I2C bus. The DS1820 is the temperature sensor chip which is connected to the microcontroller through 1 wire bus. This article illustrates the construction and working of a liquid level indicator. Such an indicator is used in tanks to indicate the level of liquids and alert us when the tank is full. So by this circuit we can monitor the various levels of the tank and can avoid spillage of water and also we can configure our supplies according to the various levels of tank. Such module or circuit can be installed in big buildings where manual monitor of tanks is difficult and its indicator can be placed at some centralised placeDigital thermometer using 8051 microcontrollerA digital thermometer can be easily made by interfacing a temperature sensor to the microcontroller AT89C51. The temperature sensor used in the project isLM35. The LM 35 IC generates a 10mV variation to its output voltage for every degree Celsius change in temperature. The Output of the temperature sensor is analog in nature so we need an analog to digital convertor for converting the analog input to its equivalent binary output. The ADC 0804 is the analog to digital convertor IC used in the project. 0804 is a single channel convertor which converts the analog input up to a range of 5V to an equivalent 8-bit binary output.Infrared sensors find numerous applications in electronic systems. Commonly used as obstacle detector, their output is used in digital form (high & low logic) by employing a comparator.  This topic explains a way to use the sensor’s output in its original analog form. Thus, along with detecting an obstacle, its exact distance can also be obtained. This is achieved by processing the output of IR sensor through an ADC0804 (analog to digital converter). The ADC is calibrated to get almost accurate distance measurement.

    How to interface Humidity  with 8051 Microcontroller

    Physical quantities like Humidity, temperature, pressure etc. are monitored to get information about the environmental conditions. Various sensors are being used to measure these quantities in analog form.   This article demonstrates the principle and operation of interfacing the humidity sensor with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51). The humidity sensor is widely used in applications like weather forecast, air conditioner, Hygrometers etc.My purpose of designing of this project is to make people accountable. You call up any public office , most of the time, people are not available on phone or they totally ignore it.
    You must have seen an english movie, where a vilian is behind a person ,the person is runing here and there to protect himeself and finally reaches a public telephone booth, , makes a call to police, by the time he could speak any word, the vilian comes behind and stabs him or shoots him and you see the phone drops down from his hand and a pool of blood is shown, What heppend next ,you find that police arrives in time and he is taken to hospital ,his life is savedThe project designed on the intel’s most powerful microcontroller 8051. I have designed this project only upto ground plus three floors with collespable gate features. Similar technique can be employed to design for more floors.
    I don’t claim to be expert on the lift controller design , but having seen the behavior of the lift operating in multi story structures,I have designed this projects for the under graduate engineers.The project comprises of following blocks
    Microcontroller main controller
    Limit switch section to be connect on each floor in side the lift passage Operating switchs .
    four switches onsite the lift car one switch on each floor.
    Indication section one seven segment inside the lift compartment four indication leds should be fitted inside push buttons fitted inside the lift car.
    Control Relay section: three relays are used to control the lift motor starter.two relays are for the up down movement of the lift motor one relay is for bell.This project is based on high sensitive IR Transmitter & Receiver having range of more than 15 feet. When you are away for your house any if anyone tries to enter the house by any means the device shouts THEIF THEIF Continuously more than 40 seconds, that is enough to chase the thief, he will run away so your house is protected. The device not only shouts but also dials out previously stored telephone number ( which you have stored) and gives you the message THEIF. So that you understand that something is wrong at your house, you can immediately call up your neighbor to look after your house.
    RFID enabled tour assistant is expected to replace tourist guides to an extent. Its a voice enabled device that speaks out as the tourist is traveling from places to places (museum). When the tourist is standing near major landmarks, it will detect the RFID tag and will play an audio clip relevant to that location. This is achieved by placing a RFID receiver with the tourist (palm device). as soon as the palm device comes in the vicinity id the RF tag the microcontroller receives the RF tag unique id from the receiver and matches it with it’s own data base. If match occurs the microcontroller will play an audio clip relevant to that statue/painting. Audio files are tagged with location coordinates and a tolerance range. In a particular location, the file that matches the tolerance range are played.

    Industrial Automation using GSM modem

    Now days, marketing demands are increasing continuously. If you can’t satisfy demand then you will knock out of the race. There is no time limit for work. So in modern industry, it needs to give alignment without going on field. Our project satisfies this need by using a GSM modem.Now consider another case, you need to monitor few parameters in the industry, say Humidity in a paint shop machine or a critical thing like LPG gas leakage, then you need to be present in the industry/plant. The second part of our project meets this requirement, it monitors the parameters on the LCD and at the same time sends a sms containing the values of these parameters.Digital weather station with Data storageBaby Incubator
    Incubators are attracting interest from the medical profession. They are glass and metal cases heated to certain Humidity, into which enough air is admitted to maintain life. Until such time as infant is strong enough for Humidity of room.
    In baby incubator Humidity control is very important. And therefore we are controlling the Humidity according to our requirements. Humidity controller can be done by using Electronic circuit, Microprocessor & microcontroller.
    Now microcontroller is advanced among all above circuits therefore we are using Microcontroller for Humidity controlling of baby incubatorFirstly the Microcontroller around 4.00pm switches on the water supply once to water the entire garden few hours before opening of the garden for public. Next the gate is opened by running the motor which is driven by a motor driver operated by the Microcontroller. At around 6.00pm the lights are switched on depending upon the output of the LDR and the lights remain functional till the garden remains open for visitors.

  • The garden remains open for about three hours and so around 8.50 pm a buzzer is sounded to indicate closure of the garden and alert the visitors. The gate is then closed at 9.00pm and three of the four lamps are switched off. One lamp is kept on throughout the night. In the morning the remaining lamp is switched off as the depending upon the signal sent by the light dependent resistor to the Microcontroller. These are the step involved in the operation of the circuit and the public garden automation. Microcontroller is used to supervise the actions of all other devices and to control the entire set of operations.
  • Public Garden Automation
    The most important problems faced are the misusage of electricity and its wastage. Sometimes due to carelessness of the authorities and the workers lamps are left ON which results in wastage of electricity. Water wastage is another problem which needs to be dealt with. Our project helps to overcome all these problems.
  • Throughout time we”ve been fascinated by the weather – studying signs of change and making and acting on predictions. Today we can link modern instruments to computers to reduce human error and automate record keeping. Aim of the project is to monitor weather conditions, including temperature, atmospheric humidity, and solar light intensity. Local weather measurements are extremely important to a wide range of professions, from horticulturists to fire fighters. It provides around-the-clock monitoring of various types of applications. For example, it can be used in a greenhouse to manage climate control and help promote favorable growing conditions. In solar power applications, it can verify the performance of photovoltaic (PV) array systems by monitoring solar radiation, DC power, and other parameters. On green roofs, it can help researchers understand performance by tracking air temperature, turf temperature, soil moisture, and rainfall.
  • For controlling the relays, you have to send sms the GSM modem which you have set on field. This GSM modem will receive your SMS. Then particular relay is turned on/off by reading the sms.
  • Consider one case, that you are field engineer, company will start at 9 o’clock. But you have to turn on boiler at 7 o’clock to start working at 9 o’clock. In this case you have to go at 7 o’clock but by using this project you can start boiler by just giving command from your mobile. Boiler is just example you can turn on or turn off any controlling device.
  • RFid Based Museum Guide for Tourists
  • 8051 Based Electronic Eye
  • Circuit explanation:
  • Lift Controller
  • Panic ID / Call Logger
  • The measured distance is also displayed on an LCD screen. The ADC0804 and LCD are interfaced with 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51) to perform these operations. The major drawback of IR based sensors is their capability of detecting short distances.

    The IR receiver detects the IR radiations transmitted by an IR LED. The output voltage level of this IR sensor depends upon the intensity of IR rays received by the receiver. The intensity, in turn, depends on the distance between the sensor module and the obstacle. When the distance between IR pair and obstacle is lesser, more IR radiations fall on the receiver, and vice versa. The receiver along with a resistor forms a voltage divider whose output is supplied as the input for ADC0804.

  • Distance measurement using InfraRed sensor
  • Fahrenheit scale digital thermometer is a temperature indicator which displays temperature in Fahrenheit scale. It is similar to Celsius scale digital thermometer, except a little modification in the microcontroller program. The temperature sensed in Celsius scale in the Celsius scale thermometer project is converted into the Fahrenheit scale temperature just by using the Celsius to Fahrenheit conversion formulae. This project also uses 8051 microcontroller (AT89C51).
  • Initially when the tank is empty LCD will show the message VACANT. As the tank starts filling up wire at different levels get some positive voltage, due to conducting nature of water. This voltage is then fed to their corresponding pins on controller. When level reaches to quarter level, LCD displays the message QUARTER. On further rise of level, HALF and 3/4 QUARTER are displayed on LCD. When tank gets full LCD shows the message FULL CLOSE TAP. A buzzer is also provided to produce a alert the user when the tank gets filled. This buzzer can be made off by pressing the switch connected between pin 15 of controller and VCC.
  •  Liquid level alarm using 8051 microcontroller
  • The System is fully controlled by the microcontroller AT89S52. It is a popular 8 bit microcontroller. The circuit consists of four switches, in which two buttons are used to increment and decrement the High limit temperature value and the other two buttons are used to increment and decrement the Low limit temperature value.
  • GPS tracking
  • Patient heart beat monitoring with RF feedback
  • Zigbee based security system
  • IRIS recognition
  • Noise Removal with bilateral filter
  • Face recognition using eigen vector
  • Thief photo taker using camera
  • electronic post office alert
  • Electronic mail box
  • SMS voting machine
  • Two way railway with train crash protection system
  • Spy Robot with camera
  • nitrogen gas detection with GSM security
  • Boiler temperature alert
  • Conveyor automation
  • Drill mechanism
  • PLC based  Data transmission
  • PLC based machine temperature
  • Railway monitoring using RFID- 4000
  • RFID based SPY robot-4000
  • Automatic garage system

  • Finger Print door access control -4000

  • Propeller Clock – 2500
  • Nokia LCD interface with 8051 – 3000
  • RFID attendance system 3000
  • Finger print Voting machine-4000,

  • SMS data Transmit system
  • GPS+ GSM Robo
  • GPS railway monitoring suste,
  • Digital Clock using LCD-1500,

  • Electronic Voting machine-1500,

  • Speed checker for highway-1500,

  • Face recognitions
  • Fan Temperature control using 8051
  • Digital Fuel Meter
  • heart beat monitor
  • Object Counter- 1000,Motor drive-1500,

  • Seven segment Counter-800

  • Laser Leveller system
  • IR control devices-1500,

  • RF control devices-2000,

  •  Optical voice and data communication-2000

  • IR voice and Data-1500

  • DTMF control devices-1500

  • Powerline communication -2000

  • Digital Password access system-2000

  • GSM control Devices-1500

  • SMS alert system- 3000

  • AGV Robo-2500

  • Grid line foloower-2500

  • Lakshaman rekha Robo-2500,

  • Room Cleaner Robo-2500

  • Three axis Arm-3000

  • PC based machine control-3000

  • Unamnned Vehicle For Road- 3000

  • Autostop Train- 4000

  • Railway Crossing System-1500

  • Railway monitoring System-2000

  • Automatic Metro train using PIC controller

  • PC Control METRO TRAIN

  • Updown Lift with LCD-3000

  • Multilevel Parking Lift -3000

  • AUTO Parking System-1500

  • AUTO Parking SYSTEM+ paid toll tax plaza-2000

  • AUTO Parking SYSTEM+ paid toll tax plaza+ smart card-2000

  • AUTO Parking SYSTEM+ RF Remote control

  • PC Control ELECTRICAL Appliances

  • PC Control Robotic ARM

  • PC Control Smart Car + Device Control

  • PC Control Access Control DOOR OPENER

  • PC Control  Wireless Home Automation

  • PC Control  Wireless Car

  •  PC Control  Unmanned metro traing-2000

  • PC Control hotel Power management-2500

  • PC Control  LIFT Control the movement of mechanical lift with the help of c++ software

  • Parallel port interface

  • mechanical lift using DC geared motor


  • PC Control  4 stepper motor card ( preprogrammed robotic)

  • IR Control robotic arm or Robot-3000

  • Electrical distribution Control-2500


  • BLIND STICK. with smart logic-

  • Multilevel Parking lift- 3000

  • PC controlled Lift-3500

  • Energy through busy road-3000

  • Auto Object Rejection Auto Picking System-3500

  • Auto Drill mechanism

  • Auto Braking system


  • GSM Control Robotic Arm



















  • ERP SYSTEM-3000

  • Light tracing Robot- 2500

  • Ultrasonic Radar

  • RF controlled ROBO

  • Security system from terrorist

  • Wireless runway security  system for four Aero planes on LCD

  • RF technology. Buzzer

  • LED indication

  • Peltier based temperature control

These are Just Few Ideas not the complete list . For detail list please visit our office

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