PCB Design

PCB Design Syllabus


Building parts and symbols
Creating a new project
Creating multi-sheet flat designs
Copying work between projects
Assigning reference designators
Design checking
Adding intersheet signal references
Creating a Bill of Materials and other reports
Adding part and net properties
Creating a netlist for ORCAD Layout
Module 1
Introduction to CADANCE / ORCAD Software.
Getting started with Orcad Capture
Learn about user interface.
Learn about different tools of Orcad Capture
Learn about Design Preparation.
Buildingsimple Schematics.
Building multiple page schematics.
Module 2
Assigning reference designator (Annotation)
Design Rule checking (DRC error)
Creation Bill Of Materials for design
Creation of Pdf Documentation of Design
Module 3
Introduction to parts/symbol library
Accessing to default library
Creating Parts & Symbol
Preparing the design for layout (Net listing

OrCAD PCB Editor


Module 1:Library Development
Introduction to various DIP and Surface mount Component.
Learn about design preparation (libraries/Footprints).
PADstack Designing.
Creation of Footprints for DIP and SMD Devices.
Module 2:Getting Started
Getting started wi_ __ Allegro PCB Editor.
Preparation of board for layout using board wizard.
Learn about user interface.
Defining parameter of board (Constraint Manager).
Learn about different tools of Orcad/Allegro PCB Editor
Module 3: Logic Import, Design Rules and Component Placement
Net listing/logic import from schematic to PCB
Component Placement
Module 4: Routing, Glossing and Copper Areas
Introduction to manual routing
Introduction to different parameter of perfect routing
Finishing of routing (Glossing, unmitter)
Introduction to copper pour for power plane.
Checking the status of routing.
Module 5: Post Processing and ManufacturingOutput
Assigning specific text (silkscreen) to design
Creating report of design.
Creating manufacturing data (GERBER) for design
Plotting of layout design for home production
Creating Pdf documentation of design.
Module 6: Keys factor for reducing noise in PCB
Key factor for routing power track (VCC & GND).
Reducing Crosstalk effect.
Reducing EMI effect

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