projects list logical electronics engineering

P.C. Controlled Robot (RF Based)

Auto Cleaner

Automatic Brakes System For Trains

Line Follower Robot

Plc based railway crossing system

Plc based traffic lights

Vehicle Reverse Parking Distance Meter

P.C. Controlled Robotic Arm

Three Motor Six Movements Robotic Arm

Plc based color mixer

Plc controlled elevator system

Single phase auto selector for industry

Plc based control system for intelligent garage

Plc based automatic counting system(water plant, beverage industry, pharmaceutical based)

Plc based irrigation controller in agriculture

Plc based door open and closing system

Plc based level control system

Plc based pressure controller

Bomb Detector Robot Using Metal Sensor

Free Hand Controlled Wireless Robot

Auto Gear System4

PLC Based Projects

Plc based home automation

Plc based pick and place robot

Plc based temperature controlled boiler

Auto Path Finder

Laser  Operated Robot

RF Operated Robot

Lakshman Rekha Robot

GSM Operated Robot

Plc based car parking system

Plc based lift

Plc based conveyor system

Plc based automatic alarm systems in plants

Wireless Robotic Arm

Anti-Collision Through IR

Anti-Falling Robot




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