Embedded Projects

VHDL based digital temperature monitoring  on seven segment display with AD7416 temperature I2C based
Colour Recognition based ARM machine
Wireless vehicle Speed monitoring with document verification System
PLC based Bottling Plant Automation
Solar charging Based Aircraft
Aircraft With Camera Security
Speech listening trobo
UID based Voting Machine
Piezo Electricity Generation
Solar based PLC mobile irrigation System
Bio-gas based Electrical generator
Solar based Industrial production Plant
Electricity meter gsm monitoring with wireless Reading
Solar energy Based Intelligent UPS inverter with SMS feedback
DC motor speed control using PI controller
Electricity theft Detection with wireless RF or SMS monitoring
Electricity Meter tempering security with GSM modem
PLC based production plant automation
Wireless Electricity Transmission
Gesture Based robotic arm/rovo
Bottling plant Automation
VHDL based Digital clock on seven segment display
VHDL based temperature monitoring using TMP175 sensor
VHDL based Temperature monitoring system
VHDL based VGA display
VHDL based Gesture Robot
VHDL based Device control system
Traffic Light system using SAND GLASS DISPLAY
RFID attendance system
Finger print voting for 30 Persons
3D cube on LEDs
LED display CLOCK 1 feetx2 feet
RF module based Data transmission with Data encryption-Simultaeous data trasnmission
Voice Operated Robotic ARM
Wireless Gesture robot
AVR based Solar Seeker
Mobile Jammer
FM Jammer
Propeller Clock
Propeller with Clock
Currency Counting Machine
Pseudo code based GSM message Locking
PLC based Car Parking System
PLC based Industrial Automation
Bus stop – Bus status Pre display
SMS based Control and Monitoring system
GPS monitoring system for vehicle
Arduino Based device Control
USB Control of Devices
Coffee machine Controller Based
AVR based Cell operated Control Irrigation System
AVR based Blind Stick
PIC Controller based Device Controller
PIC Controller based GSM monitoring system
Bus stand Short duration based Energy meter
Automatic Meter Reading send sms and get reading by sms, Auto switch on/off Meter
Scrubbing Robot
Machine failure Detection with SMS alert
Touch screen based Device control
Touch Screen based Display
Arduino Based Wireless robot
FPGA based Digital Clock with temperature indicator
CPLD or FPGA based digital signature using RFID
CPLD and MATLAB based Electrical AC motor speed control and monitoring on VGA

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