Latest Mechanical Projects

  • Pedal operated Hacksaw – In this project we will move pedal. Pedal will be connected with type metal rode . It will rotate our hacksaw . It help to cut job. There will be a rode holder which will be help to hold rode.
  • Pedal operates washing machine Single roatation– Pedal operating washing machine we will move -rotate pulleys. Bevel Gears will be used to change vertical movement to horizontal move ment. A Pulley will be used to rotate pulley of washing machine. V- belts will be used for coupling of pulleys.
  • Pedal Operated wahing machine with dual side rotation- in this project pulleys will move in one direction for half cycle, for another half cycle pulley will move in anti- direction. So gears system will help pulleys in both directions.
  • Pedal operated electricity generation – In this project we will move shaft of dynamo . Dynamo will generate 12 v output to charge battery. We will covert 12 v dc of battery to 220v Ac to glow bulb.
  • Pneumatic /Hydrallic Zig Zag bridge – in this project we will use pneumatic cylinder for project. We will use nearly 12 inch cylinder . A zig zag system will be made using iron rode.
  • Footstep opearted electricity generation – in this project we will make project on electricity generation mechanically from foot steps. When any person walk on footstep then there will be mechanical down movement go step slightly . Then with slight movement of electricity rack assebly will move and electricity will generate.
  • Peltier based refrigeration System – in this project we will use peltier plates for cooling purpose. Peltier plates need DC supply to operate. We will give DC supply from batteries
  • Electricity from Speed Beaker– in this project we will generate electricity from speed breaker on road or near bus stand. When any vehicle move on speed breaker, then electricity will generate using rack and pinion assembly. Roller system can be used for electricity generation. We will make a box o metal to show project. In box we will fix dynamo and gear or chain system. When any movement of iron rode or gear with movement of vehicle with suspension then dynamo will rote and electricity will generate.

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