capstone mechanical projects jalandhar ludhiana

  • Circular sheet cutting with out motor

  • Circular sheet cutting using motor

  • Chips Cutting Machine

  • Pneumatic /Hydrallic Zig Zag bridge – in this project we will use pneumatic cyllinder for project. We will use nealy 12 inch cyllinder . A zig zag system will be made using iron rode.

  • Footstep opearted electricity generation – in this project we will make project on electrcity generation mechanically from foot steps. When any person walk on footstep then there will be mechanical down movment og step slightly . Then with slight movement of electricity rack assebly will move and electricity will generate.

  • Peltier based refrigeration System – in this project we will use peltier plates for cooling purpose. Peltier plates need DC supply to operate. We will give DC supply from batteries

  • Electricity from Speed Beaker– in this project we will generate electricty from speed breaker on road or near busstand. When any vehicle move on speed breaker, then electrcity will genrate using rack and pinion assembly. Roller system can be used for electricty geneartion. We will make a box o metal to show project. In box we will fix dynamo and gear or chain system. When any movement of iron rode or gear with movement of vehicle with suspension then dynamo will roate and elctricity will genrate.

  • Robotic arm mechanical– this project can be made using different meathods

  • 1. Normal Desi robotic ARM

  • 2. Special robotics ARM

  • 3. robotic Arm controlled mechanically with Push switchs.

  • 4. Robotic Arm wirelessly controlled with TV remmote or RF remote or Mobile or andorid APP.

  • 5. robot controlled for fixed time- Timely motion

  • 6. Robtics Arm controlled with motion till switch presss

  • Auto Braking System– Auto braking system can also made using many ways.

  1. Vehicle Auto braking Sytem

  2. Single tyre frame of Bycycle Autobraking system

  3. Four wheel Auto braking Sytem

  4. Autobraking Sytem using Proximity switch

  5. Autobraking system using IR sensors

  6. Autobraking Syteme using Ultrasonic modules

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