Capstone projects Arduino, Jalandhar

Arduino Home Automation Using RF
Arduino Mail Notifier
Arduino and RF Transmitter Receiver Module
Arduino Calculator
Arduino RFID Reader
Arduino Relay Control
Arduino Traffic Light Controller
Frequency Counter Using Arduino
Arduino Servo Motor
DC Motor Control With Arduino
Rotary Encoder With Arduino
Arduino LED Matrix
Arduino 4-Digit 7-Segment LED Display
Arduino based Digital Thermometer
Arduino Solar Tracker
Arduino Light Sensor
Portable Ultrasonic Range Meter
GSM Based Home Security Alarm System Using Arduino
Arduino Alarm Clock
How To Make A Tilt Sensor With Arduino?
Digital Arduino Voltmeter
Speed and Direction Control of DC Motor using Arduino
Obstacle Avoiding Robot using Arduino
Interfacing LCD with Arduino
DIY Arduino powered GoPro Panning Rig
Smart Sock Augments Existing Prostheses’ Abilities
Shining Back Live Set Blows Your Mind with Light and Sound
Cutting Cable with Scissors and Arduino
The Gooniebox Challenges Guests to Solve Its Riddles
A DIY Autonomous Ford Focus
Flip frame Is a Rotating Digital Picture Frame
Square Off Is a Chess Board with A High-Tech Twist
Self-Driving Tricycle
Collector is a Kind of Reality Re-Mixer
Ping Pong FM
Check the Traffic Autonomously On a Modified Clock
Galaga Revived as a 4/5 Scale Mame Machine
A Sheet Metal Arduino MP3 Alarm Clock
Build Your Own Electronic Drum Kit Using an Arduino Mega
Electro Pollock
Arduino Thumb Piano
Electronic Message in a Bottle
LCD with DS3231 Real Time Clock Modul
Singing Arduino
Excel Arduino Remote (Proof of Concept)
Arduino Clock with Neopixel Ring Animation
Arduino UNO Guitar Pedal

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