Capstone Projects Automobile, Jalandhar

Modelling and Control of an Active Hydro–pneumatic Suspension
Numerical Simulation in Automotive Design
Durablity Analysis of a Vehicle Body Structure Using Modal Transient Methods
Improving Engine Oil Cooler Performance: for Future Vehicle Applications
Modelling and Validation of a Truck Cooling System
Dynamics Study of an Automobile Exhaust System
Hydropneumatic Suspension for Tractor Implement
Simulation in the Automobile Industry
Design and Simulation Automobile Active Suspension System
Multi-body dynamics in full-vehicle handling analysis
Fine-grained Simulation in the Design of Automotive Communication Systems
Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
Fabrication of turbo super charger for two wheeler
An intelligent mobile robot navigation technique using RFID
Technology (IEEE 2008)
Fabrication of Automatic hand break Release
Automatic pneumatic bumper for four wheeler
Fabrication of Foldable Electric Go Bed Drive
Shock Absorber Test rig using Cam and sensors
The development of intelligent home security robot (IEEE 2005)
Automatic temperature controller with cooling system for car
Fabrication of four wheel steering system
SMS Based automatic vehicle accident information system
Over speed indication and Automatic accident Avoiding System for four wheeler
Hydraulic hybrid system for four wheeler
Efficiency Increasing System in Automobile by using preheating method
A robot system for fire fighting in tunnels (IEEE 2005)
Remote controlled material handling equipment
Electronic Fuel Injection (EFI) system for Two wheeler
Fabrication of Automatic Electro-Hydraulic Jack for Four Wheeler
Automatic reserve indication system
D & F of Triangular air Compressor with Common Compression Chamber
Button operated electro-magnetic gear shifting system for two wheeler

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