Capstone projects based on CPLD and FPGA, Jallandhar

CPLD based Smart Fluid Level Measurement & Control System
Ultrasonic & FPGA/CPLD based VLSI Digital Design to make a real time distance ranging RADAR prototype
VLSI based Automated Digital Person Counter and smart appliances Control System for Energy Conservation using CPLD Chip
GSM based Teleremote Robotics Control System by Designing a CPLD to DTMF Device Driver Interface using VLSI Programming.
A VLSI design & its hardware implementation to Make A Home Security System by Digital Sensors(Fire, Metal, Intruder, Touch etc) Interface with CPLD
CPLD based Automated Remote Wireless Data Communication System to Control Motor Mechanism and its implementation to control a wheel chair using VLSI Programming.
A Real Time Implementation of Device Driver over CPLD to control a Robotic ARM by a PS2 Keyboard using VLSI.
MATLAB & VLSI Based automated access control system using CPLD chip & hidden Digital Signature Decoding & Authentication
Teleremote Home Automation using VLSI Device Driver Design for DTMF Decoder Interface with CPLD Chip
Real Time VLSI Design using CPLD to Make a Digital Stepper Motor Drive to Control Direction, Angle & Movement
Image Processing Based Hand Gesture Detection & Wireless Robot movement control System by CPLD using VLSI and MATLAB
VLSI & MATLAB Based Hand Movement & Gesture Detection & Real Time Device Automation & Control System using CPLD chips.
VLSI based real time digital design implementation of PS-2 protocol to interface a Keyboard with CPLD & FPGA chips using Verilog
VLSI Digital Design for measuring Galvanic Skin Resistance(GSR) to measure Hypertension level & its Real Time Implementation over CPLD
LPG, CO Leakage Monitoring, Alerting & Control System using 8 bit ADC interface with CPLD chips using VLSI
An 8bit VLSI Digital Driver Design for ADC and Its Implementation using CPLD chip to Measure the Alcohol PPM Quantity.
A Wireless data Reception & Device Control Chip VLSI Design using Verilog and its prototyping over CPLD System
CPLD based VLSI Design to Interface an 8 bit & 16 bit ADC for Temperature Measurement and display Driver Design for 7 segment Display and Device Cont
A VLSI based Hybrid UART and Device Switching Control System Design & its Implementation over CPLD to perform Home Automation from a Remote PC
Real Time Implementation & VLSI Prototyping for smart Traffic Control System using CPLD & Quartus
A PWM VLSI Digital Design and CPLD Based Hardware Control System to Control DC Motor using VERILOG
VLSI Digital Design for Bottle Filling Plant Automation and Real Time Implementation over CPLD Prototype using Verilog & QuartuS

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