Capstone projects ECE & EE, Jalandhar

Dedevelopment of Optimal Photosensors Based Heart Pulse Detector
Embedded Automobile Engine Locking System, Using GSM Technology
Piezoelectric Harvesting – A Sustainable Approach to Clean Energy Generation in Airport Terminals
Smart Helmet for Coal Miners using Zigbee Technology
Robust Torque Control for Automated Gear Shifting in Heavy Duty Vehicles
Solar Power Water Pump Studies for Small-scale Irrigation
Intelligent High-Security Access Control
An Adaptive Nulling Antenna for Military Satellite Communications
Hand Reader – A Hand Geometry Based Personal Verification System
The Role of Power Electronics in Renewable Energy Systems
Android-Wi-Fi Based Home Automation
Controlling of 4-Quadrant DC Motor Using Android
Energy Meter Billing and Display using GSM
Home Automation using Voice Control
Android App based Voice Control Robot
HF Resonating Coil based Wireless Power Transfer
Frequency or Voltage Range based Grid Synchronization
IR Sensor based Urban Traffic Control System
Ultrasonic Sensor based Underground Cable Fault Detection
Induction Motor Soft Start using IGBT
Solar Street Light using Raspberry Pi
Android Application based Remote Controlled Home Appliances
Android Based Automatic Traffic Signal Control System
Android Application based Remote Control of Induction Motor
Pick N Place Robot using Android
Wireless Power Driven Car or Train
EVM Electronic Voting Machine using PIC Microcontroller
PC Mouse Operated Electrical Load Control with VB Application

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