Capstone Projects on ARM, Jalandhar

ARM Cortex Based Automatic Number Plate Recognition System
ARM Cortex M3 Based Collision Detection System
Smart Security Surveillance System Using ARM Cortex M0 and Labview
Temperature controlling system for LED lighting based on ARM Cortex-M0 processor
ARM Based Ear Recognition Embedded System
ARM Cortex Based Automatic Power Factor Monitoring and Control System
Design and Implementation of Weather Monitoring and Controlling System
ARM Based Smart Power Saving System for Home Automation
Smart Home Design Based on Zigbee Wireless Sensor Network and ARM Controller
Mobile Robot using ARM Processor for Line Following Application
Mine Detection Robot Using ARM Microcontroller and GPS Technology
Automation in agriculture field using arm 7 based robot
Staff Attendance using ARM Microcontroller
Arm Based Embedded Intelligent Public Transport Vehicle Position System
Electronic Toll Collection System Using Radio Frequency Technology Based on ARM
ARM Based Embedded System for Industrial Application Using TCP/IP Network
Real Time Personnel Monitoring System Using Wi-Fi Technology Based on ARM
Theft Control, Accident Detection and Vehicle Positioning System Using Arm 7
Remote Monitoring & Control of Industrial parameters using ARM Controller
ARM Based Wireless Sensor Networks for Temperature Measurement
ARM Based Solar Tracking System
Involuntary Railway Gate Control System using ARM controller
ARM Based Implementation of Text-to-Speech (TTS) for Real Time Embedded System
Automation in Rationing System Using Arm 7
Auto Turn OFF for Water Pump with Four Different Time Slots Using ARM 7
ARM Based Electronic Notice Board with Room Lights Control
Design and Development of ARM based Real-Time Industry Automation System using GSM
Weighing System of Fruit Sorting and Transportation Gyro Car Based On ARM
ARM Microcontroller Implementation of Des Using Concept with Time-Variable Key

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