Capstone projects RFID, Jalandhar

RFID Application Strategy and Deployment in Bike Renting System
RFID based Passport Details
Consumer Acceptance of RFID Technology
pplication Fields of RFID in Health Safety and Environment Management
Shopping Path Analysis and Transaction Mining based on RFID Technology
RFID Instrumentation in a Field Application
RF Controller Development and Its Application in Intelligent Transport System
A Multi-Carrier UHF Passive RFID System
Transportation Quality Monitor Using Sensor Active RFID
RFID Security Access Control System
A Component-based Reconfigurable RFID Middle ware
Parameter Estimation of RFID Network Data Traffic Load
Adaptive k-Way Splitting and Pre-Signaling for RFID Tag Anti-Collision
Design and Experiments on Cable Inspection Robot
RFID based Indoor Antenna Localization System using Passive Tag and variable RF-Attenuation
The Electronic Passport and the Future of Government Issued RFID based Identification
Replacing Cryptography with Ultra Wideband (UWB) Modulation in Secure RFID
Utilizing RFID Signaling Scheme for Localization of Stationary Objects and Speed Estimation of Mobile Objects
RFID based Library Automation System
Security Access Control System Using Bar Code Reader
RFID based Electronic Passport System
RFID Security Access Control System
RFID based Attendance System
Library Automation Using Bar Code Reader
Smartcard based Access Control System
RFID based Airport Luggage Security Scanning System
Smartcard based Electronic Passport System
RFID based Banking System
RFID based Latch
RFID based Library Management
RFID based Health Care system
RFID based Bus Indicator
RFID based Toll Booth Automation
RFID based Intelligent Signals
RFID based Unmanned Petrol Pump
RFID based Car Parking
RFID based Hotel Room Management
RFID based Person Tracking
RFID based CAR for signal break detection
RFID based Shopping cart
RFID based Pre-Paid Energy Meter
RFID based Bus Announcement System for Blind
A Mobile RFID -Tracking Security System
RFID based Device Control And Authentication
RFID based Prescriptions in Automated Pharmaceutical Systems
RFID based Intelligent Books Shelving System
RFID based Equipment/Personnel Tracking in Hospitals
RFID based Valuable Objects Insurance Identification
RFID based Vehicle Tracking and Monitoring System
RFID Fare Verification – RFID Bus Pass System
RFID based Automatic Toll Tax Deduction System
RFID based Electronic Road Pricing for Controlling the Traffic
RFID based Event Tracking System for Sports
RFID based Inventory Tracking System
RFID based Parts Tracking System for Manufacturing
RFID based Prepaid Energy Meter with Recharge Option
RFID based Railway Platform to Display Exact Position of Each Coach
RFID based Railway Reservation
Bus Fare Pay System for Passengers
Medi-card for Patients
RFID Enabled Passport Verification
RFID Enabled Voter-ID
RFID based Ration Card
RFID based Voting Machine
RFID R/W based Score Card for Industries

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