Latest Electronics Projects

  • AMR- Automatic Meter Reading-

  • RF dc motor control using PWM- in this project we will change DC motor speed using remote. 100 motor speed variations.

  • UID based voting machine

  • vhdl trobo

  • Accelerometer based handicapped wheel chair

  • Weighting Sensor based put coin draw power.

  • 8051 based Library system

  • RF ASK commuication

  • Colour sensor based Robotic ARM

  • PLC based Traffic Light control System

  • PLC based Home automation- GSM based

  • GLCD interface with 8051

  • Biomedical kit

  • GSM security using GSM modem- in this project we will use two sensors- IR and fire. When any threat detected then our system will generate messages to saved no. in microcontroller. we will use GSM modem for this purpose.

  • GSM modem based SMS display- in this project we will send sms from any mobile. Our receiver will display that message on LCD. And message will move on LCD.-

  • GSM modem based control of devices- In this project we can control electrical & electronics using sms. When we will send sms one then on receiver side our system will control first device.

  • Speech recognition based devices control- in this project we will control electric/electronics 220v devices using speech signal. When we will speak one- then first device will get ON. when we will speak off it will switch off device. We will use Speech recognition IC. Project is new and rarely made by students-

  • Speech recognition based robo- in this project when we will speak forward then robo will move forward. When we will speak-

  • PC controller Robotic ARM

  • FM jammer – In this project we will make a jammer circuit. In this project we will make different fm transmitters which will jam fm.

  • USB control of devices- in this project we can control devices using  LAPTOP.

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