Automatic water level controller for semer sible pump

Water level controller
Fully Automatic for semer sible pump
Semi Automatic for Water works supply of cities.
In semi Automatic water controller
Operating Voltage = 220 v AC
Internal wire used = 0.5mm
Full one year warranty
Low cost
Black color Box
Connectors 30A for Input/Output and Motor connections.
Heavy Switches used for On/Off
Manual and Automatic Modes
Indicator for Power On.
Indicator for Power Off.
Supports provided to hang on walls.
High quality material is being used.
PCB Coated for Long Life.
Heavy Pads used for relay connectors.
Working for Semi Automatic water level controller:

You need to start the motor initially so that the motor will start to fill the water tank. System will automatically detect the level of the water when the water tank is fully filled with water and it will automatically switch off the motor.

working of Fully Automatic water level controller for semer sible pump

In this the sensors will automatically detect the lower level of the water in the water tank and will automatically turn on the semersible pump. Rest of the functioning is simlar with the semi water level controller it turn off the semer sible pump when the tank will be full.

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