Fabrication Of Chapathi Making Machine


Chapathi Making machines are in great demand in Hotels, Restaurants, Hostels and Kitchen Rooms etc. These chapati machines can save a lot of time and human effort in bulk food cooking. These machines are available in different ranges and capacities. The technology of pneumatic s has gained tremendous importance in the field of workplace rationalization and automation from old-fashioned timber works and coal mines to modern machine shops and space robots. It is therefore important that technicians and engineers should have a good knowledge of pneumatic system, air operated valves and accessories. The air is compressed in an air compressor and from the compressor plant the flow medium is transmitted to the pneumatic cylinder through a well laid pipe line system. To maintain optimum efficiency of pneumatic system, it is of vital importance that pressure drop between generation and consumption of compressed air is kept very low. The aim is to design and develop a control system based a pneumatic based Chapathi making machineā€. In our project is consists of heater, direction control valve and Pneumatic cylinder.


This is an era of automation where it is broadly defined as replacement of manual effort by mechanical power in all degrees of automation. The operation remains an essential part of the system although with changing demands on physical input as the degree of mechanization is increased. Degrees of automation are of two types, viz.

Full automation.

Semi automation.

In semi automation a combination of manual effort and mechanical power is required whereas in full automation human participation is very negligible.


Compact size and portable Easy to move from one place to another place Operating principle is simple. Non-skilled person also operate this machine Time conception is very less when compare to the manual machine The force required to operate this system is low.


Domestic Application All hotel and canteen applications


May be the choice of air leakage problems We need the compressed air

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