Fabrication Of Pneumatic Modern Tripping With 360 Degree Rotation.


Automation can be achieved through computers, hydraulics, hydraulics, robotics, etc., of these sources, hydraulics form an attractive medium. Automation plays an important role in automobile. Nowadays almost all the automobile vehicle is being atomized in order to product the human being. The automobile vehicle is being atomized for the following reasons:

  • To achieve high safety
  • To reduce man power
  • To increase the efficiency of the vehicle
  • To reduce the work load
  • To reduce the fatigue of workers
  • To high responsibility
  • Less Maintenance cost


The word ‘pneuma’ comes from Greek and means breather wind. The word pneumatics is the study of air movement and its phenomena is derived from the word pneuma. Today pneumatics is mainly understood to means the application of air as a working medium in industry especially the driving and controlling of machines and equipment. Pneumatics has for some considerable time between used for carrying out the simplest mechanical tasks in more recent times has played a more important role in the development of pneumatic technology for automation.

Pneumatic systems operate on a supply of compressed air which must be made available in sufficient quantity and at a pressure to suit the capacity of the system. When the pneumatic system is being adopted for the first time, however it wills indeed the necessary to deal with the question of compressed air supply. The key part of any facility for supply of compressed air is by means using reciprocating compressor. A compressor is a machine that takes in air, gas at a certain pressure and delivered the air at a high pressure. Compressor capacity is the actual quantity of air compressed and delivered and the volume expressed is that of the air at intake conditions namely at atmosphere pressure and normal ambient temperature. The compressibility of the air was first investigated by Robert Boyle in 1962 and that found that the product of pressure and volume of a particular quantity of gas. The usual written as

           PV = C (or) PıVı = P2V2

In this equation the pressure is the absolute pressured which for free is about 14.7 Psi and is of courage capable of maintaining a column of mercury, nearly 30 inches high in an ordinary barometer. Any gas can be used in pneumatic system but air is the mostly used system now a days.

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