The aim of this project is to provide the support to mechanical industry where heavy machines and goods and frequently transported from one place to another place.


This project can be implemented in big companies where hundreds of employees are working.During the lunch breaks and after the work completed normally everybody will wash the hands. At that time employees use the soap and water for hand wash to remove the dirt. We might have observed that people normal get wet the hands before using the soap and later wash there hands. In between the first wash and after wash people will not close the tap. So our idea is using a single tap we can implement both like first time, when the employee stretch is hand in front of the water It will pour water and the second time, when he stretches his hand it will pour soap water and the third time he stretches out the water will pour on his hand and thereby we can both soap water and water.


This project is designed with Microcontroller, Amplifier, Relay driver circuit, transducer, Soap water Container & water Tank. The transducer changes the resistance value in responds to the signal. So it provides the different voltage signal depends on the temperature then the signals are fed into amplifier circuit. The amplifier circuit is constructed with operational amplifier. It is act as power amplifier to amplify the weak signal from the transducer. Here the microcontroller may be Atmel or PIC both are flash type reprogrammable microcontroller, in which we have already programmed. Soap water tank is made of stainless steel which is rust proof and overhead tank will be provided and this container can be painted for rust proof. This project also involves like fabrication, welding, buffing, clamping and powder coating and the same will be done as per requirement and design.

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