The number of patients in India is increasing day by day. So in hospitals patients need to be shifted from wheelchair to stretcher, stretcher to beds, bed to wheelchair, or vice versa; which creates unsafe conditions for patients. Also transferring the patients from wheelchair to stretcher, stretcher to beds, bed to wheelchair is always an issue for the attendant or nurse. Sometime during handling, patient and hospital staff suffer from many problem like stresses are produced in the body, some time chances to sleep down the patient. It is required to eliminate all types of possibilities. Understanding the various issues regarding the mobility equipment, the better design will be an asset for the medical field and a helping hand for disabled individuals. There is a need for a wheelchair cum stretcher to facilitate the disabled patient’s mobility and to provide novel medical equipment for use in the Indian hospitals. The present research work proposes a development of wheel chair cum stretcher which will follow the standard specification of both wheel chair and stretcher with considering the issues like safety, hygienic, cleaning and functionality.


In present conditions, the wheelchairs available in market are generally used to transport the patients to and from different wards, e.g. ICU to operation theatre. But what if mobilizing or shifting of patient from wheelchair to stretcher or vice versa causes discomfort. So keeping in mind, this research propose a design of simple & steady wheelchair that can be easily convert to stretcher. With the help of this wheelchair a patient can be seated on wheelchair on which he can also be operated by converting it to stretcher. That means no movement of patient is required which reduces fatigue and discomfort to him and the nursing staff.


The main objective of this product is to make the helper life easy and to make sure the patient is not hurt during the process of treatment. This product eliminates the step of shifting patient from bed or stretcher to wheelchair and vice versa as handling of old age people is very difficult.

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