Robotic Pesticide Sprayer


Present scenario in agricultural field in India related to sprayer is that farmers are using hand operated sprayer or motorized sprayer. According to idea in our project we are making a small 4 wheel kart or vehicle which is electronically operated by a wireless remote which runs on power source as a DC battery. One vertical arm is attached at centre of vehicle and one horizontal arm at top of the vertical arm. Nozzle is fitted to these arms so that it can spray pesticides both the sides. As more no of nozzle are there hence spraying is done rapidly and time and money is saved. The main nozzle assembly are mounted on horizontal pipe to maintain the nozzle gap further horizontal pipe in mounted on vatical bar so that height can be adjusted, the nozzle are connected with set of pipes and connectors. main water pump is mounted in platform on chasse which is front connected to wheel and rear side is handle supported.

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