Sugarcane Harvester


Mechanical harvesting uses a combine, or sugarcane harvester. The Austoft 7000 series, the original modern harvester design, has now been copied by other companies, including Cameco / John Deere. The machine cuts the cane at the base of the stalk, strips the leaves, chops the cane into consistent lengths and deposits it into a transporter following alongside. The harvester then blows the trash back onto the field. Such machines can harvest 100 long tons (100 t) each hour; however, harvested cane must be rapidly processed. Once cut, sugarcane begins to lose its sugar content, and damage to the cane during mechanical harvesting accelerates this decline.

Cost of harvesting is comparably less as manual harvesting. Different parts of a machine will be mounted on strong chassis.

The wheels will be attached to this chassis so that it can be moved in the farm.

The battery is mounted on the chassis which provides the power to the motor running at high RPM.

The motor, in-turn, is connected to the saw chain.

The battery is chargeable using solar panels mounted on the chassis .

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