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Automatic Conveyor Automation

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This project is very important for us according to Our carrier point of view.

So we were quit sensitive about final year project. We want to make project on industry so that we can implement it in that . Today we know that Punjab’s industry is passing from a slump because of lack of technology as campare to other parts of India and china. Man power is main factor in increasing cost of Indian products. So its engineer’s duty to reduce the cost and make it manpower independent. In the last we decided to make project on INDUSTRIAL CONVEYOR AUTOMATION. We discussed it with our guide and they permit to work on this project


Availability of components

Industrial project

Related to automation

Economic budget


In this project we will make project on robotics. As we know in production plants of any company, it is divided in to main portions like Molding section, main assembly, packing, store. All departments are connected through conveyors. all departments gets fixed material for productions purpose. But sometimes it become difficult and worker place materials boxes on conveyor and move to other department. To stop moving material to other we cant assign a worker on conveyor. So we are making project to segregate that type of material.

A mechanical device that sometimes resembles a human and is capable of performing a variety of often complex human tasks on command or by being programmed in advance is defined as a robot

A Robot never becomes fulfill until it can take decisions. We can’t go for computers for the computation & intelligence. But we can use single chip microcontrollers for controlling. This robot is not going to do any big tasks there will only be predefined tasks. The robot’s full control is embedded into one chip which is otherwise known as embedded systems designing.

To make a robot we must surely know to at least use a single microcontroller. So let us see about Embedded System thru 8051.

In this project we show that how we convert simple robotic arm into a fully automatic robotic arm.. After putting a automation logic it is very useful for industrial automation.

In this project we use many step to control automation system.




In this project we use slow speed motor to tune the stepper motor. Here in this project we use slow speed dc gear motor to run the conveyer belt. Start signal is provided by the microcontroller circuit. In the main unit when the supply unit is on, then conveyer belt is not start automatically. Start switch of the conveyer belt is provided by the microcontroller.

First work of the microcontroller is to start the conveyer belt after pressing a switch and now monitor the infra red sensor for reflection.

After conveyer belt is start then our infra red sensor monitor the object which is object the high of regulator object. When conveyer belt is start then object is move on the belt. If the object is suitable for the machine then object move on the belt but if the object is above height then infra red sensor sense the signal with the help of reflection from the object. When infra red sensor reflect the rays then machine sense the signal through photodiode . Photodiode and infra red sensor connected in pair with the one certain height. When any object is passing in the front of the sensor then object reflect the signal and at this time machine sense the signal and conveyer belt is stop.

Now conveyer is stop automatically and gripper connected above the sensor is activate automatically and grip the object. For the gripper we use second dc gear motor. Control signal to grip the object is provided by the microcontroller itself.

After gripping the object third motor is start and move the robotic hand to other side , after some delay third motor is stop and now gripper is open itself and through the object in the basket. After throwing the object in the basket third motor is again start then move the robotic hand to reverse side with the same delay and star the conveyer belt automatically

Block diiagram


For indication sensor get signal and arm will move


Robotic arm motor





Invertor circuit

Microcontroller 89c51


As a isolator

H Bridge Circuits

For different motors


Converor motrs

Reed sensor to stop arm moving back

Infrared sensors to sense object above the limited height


Components Required:-

Motors Dc 12 volt

Tr 558

Transistors 548

Seven segment display

Reed sensors

Ir sensors


In4001 diodes

Parllel connector

Connecting wire

7805 voltage regulator

transformer 12 v

cap 1000µf,470µf

Push to on switch

Software required



Sprog wx

Win xp



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