Automatic railway crossing

Automatic railway crossing system

        AUTO Railway Crossing


In this project we  control railway crossing system automatically. In this project we use total three control systems.

  1. Pre station monitoring system
  2. Auto open and close railway gate.
  3. fish plate open indication.
  4. Auto path indicator.

In pre station monitoring we will monitor station and display on second LCD when train is at other nearest station before that display. So we will try to use no of  LCDs in this project  on different stations .

  1. Auto  open and close railway gate . this provision is very important version also. By using this technique we  not only save the valuable life of human being but provide a smart modification in railway automation. Opening and closing of this door is provide by the stepper motor logic. Here we use stepper motor for opening and closing the door automatically. When we use this option then we use magnetic reed sensor for this purpose. By using this technique when train sense the  magnetic sensor  then railway gate is automatic open and automatic closed. For opening and closing the door  we use two reed sensor.
  2. Auto indication of the fish plate indication. In this version we show that how we sense the fish plate broken indication. By using this technique when fish plate is open then red light is on and when fish plate is closed then green light is on.
  3. Auto tracking the railway path indication. In this option we use different reed sensor to monitor the  position of the railway  station step by step.


In this project we use ic 89c51 as a main microcontroller for process all these operations. Pin no 40 of the ic is connected to the positive supply. Pin no 31 is also connected to the positive supply. Pin no 20 is connected to the negative supply. In this project we use total 10  reed sensor. Out of these 10 sensor’s 8 sensor is connected to the auto path indication and  2 sensor’s is for the auto opening and closing  railway  gate. Reed sensor is a magnetic sensor when reed sensor sense a magnetic field then it  provide a signal to the microcontroller for the further operations. Port p1.0 to port p1.7 is connected to the all reed sensors.  Port p1 provide only 8 pins for the operation so other two reed sensor is connected to the port p3.5 and port p3.6.


1.         TRANSFORMER (9-0-9)      01

2.         LCD(2*16)                             01

3.         IC 89C51                                01

4.         IC 4049(INVERTER)             01

5.         DIODE 4007                           06

6.         CAPACITOR                        

            10MFD                                    01

             27PF                                       02

7.          RESISTOR

             100Ω                                      04

             10K                                        01

8.           STEPPER MOTOR              01

9.           LED  RED                            05

              LED GREEN                       01

10.         PRESET 4K7                        01

11.         REED SENSOR                   10

12.         CRYSTAL OSC(12 MHZ)  01                   

13.       TRANSISTOR          1061    04             


  • 8051 programmer universal kit
  • CRO 20 Mhz
  • Digital multimeter


  • Keil for Programming
  • OrCAD for PCB designing
  • Proteus 7.6 Simulation


  1. Reliable
  2. Easy to fabricate
  3. Flexible
  4. Low cost
  5. Portable


  1. Cost increase with in crease in cost.
  2. No reliable manufacturer in India

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