Auto Path Robot

In this project our robot will sense wall according  to sensor it will take action.


We design this vehicle for future automation. Assume that if any  small robot is moving on the table then can it is possible robot can not fall from the table, when robot move to the end of table then  robot sense the depth and at that time depth sense provide a signal to the microprocessor to stop the vehicle . It is also possible to  reverse the  robot on the table by  using reversing the motor. When we reverse the motor then again we require a one more depth sensor on the back side of the robot.

For the depth sensing we use inra red rays .  one photodiode and one infra red is connected in pair with the vehicle.  We design the circuit so that  when any car move on the track then both infra red sensor, front and back  reflect the rays and circuit sense the track. If the track is okay then  circuit sense the rays and move the motor forward. When the vehicle move forward then if the track is going to the depth region then infra red rays are not reflected from the surface and due to that processor  get a signal and . vehicle move backward automatically.



In this project we use ic 89c2051 microcontroller as a main processor. IC 89c2051 is a 20 pin microcontroller. This ic is a 20 pin version of 40 pin main atmel ic 89c51 microcontroller. We program this ic with the help of computer. Software is written in the assembley language  and then transfer into the blank ic with the help of  programmer kit.

In addition with the anti falling concept we use auto collosion concept.

In this project we show that how we design a future vehicle for automation. By using this automation we design the vehicle for  auto path finding. We use this concept for remote area. Where we control the robot from remote are . Or we send the machine  in any small tunnel. If we fit a wireless camera with this robot then it is possible for us to capture the all detail of facing area.


In this project we use two sensor. These sensor are reflective type sensor. When infra red rays reflective from any surface then  we sense this  reflective signal and pass to the microcontroller circuit. Microcontroller  circuit sense the input signal and  compare this signal with the other eye signal and then change the direction of one motor. When there is no deflection from any sensor then there is no signal from the sensor and at that time  both the motor of the vehicle run smoothly to the forward direction.


In this vehicle we use total two motor for the forward and reverse direction. When one motor stop  then  vehicle change its direction for  a short second and then again came to the origional position.


Main circuit is based on the microcontroller. Here in this project we use 89c2051 microcontroller as a main processor. Motor’s control by a H bridge circuit. For two motor we use two H bridge circuit. Here in this project we use two slow speed dc gear motor .