Electrical Projects

Electrical Project List

Iot meter tempering alert system

IOT bases meter consumption monitoring

Under ground earth fault detection

Traffic light with density check

Traffic light with red light jump and sms alert

traffi. Light with over speed detection

timing based three phase load shifting

Three phase selector

electricity theft with sms alert

IOT based device control

IOT bases motor parameter monitoring system

IOT bases boiler temperature monitoring

IOT based heat exchanger temperature monitor

100a main switch with grip

100a changeover switch

Three phase load balancing system, in this project we will use arduino as a mainn controller .when load in any line increase then our system will automatically shift some load to other line having less load.

Three phase selector – in this project our system will automatically shift phase when any phase is not coming…so that home or industry supply continue for all areas ..

Earth leakage fault detection ELFD

Overvoltage under voltage protection

overload measurement using CT

63a bus bar

piezo sensor based electricity generation

Water level controller with timer

IOT based water level monitoring

Remote controlled submersible pump

Wireless robotics arm

100 a change over switch

Multistorey car par parking
Energy saver with Counter
Energy saver Location based
Prepaid Energy Meter
Electrical Distribution Control
Electricity theft detection
Arduino based Car Parking
Arduino based Energy saver
Arduino RTC control
Arduino Load balancing system
Multi Transformer over heat detection
Tesla Coil
Solar UPS
Solar Inverotr
Solar Grass cutter
Solar Seed Planter
Solar Charger mobile
Foot step electricity generation
Traffic light
Smart Traffic light with four sided priority
Smart Traffic lIght with density check
Smart Traffic light with ambulance alert
PLC bottling plant Automation
PLC traffic light two poles only
PLC Home Automation
Home Automation
Mobile Control devices
SMS controlled devices
IOT control devices
IOT Boiler temperature monitoring
IOT vehicle speed monitoring
Smart Helmet with lock on/off
Alcohol detection with IOT alert
Power Failure
Power Failure with sms alert
Power Failure with IOT
Put coin draw power
RFID energy Control
Electricity theft detection with sms alert
Electricity theft with IOT monitoring
Electricity theft with wireless monitoring
IOT controlled Devices