Electronics Design Automation PCB

Electronic Design Automation (EDA) is the category of tools for designing and producing electronic systems ranging from printed circuit boards (PCBs) to integrated circuits. EDA for electronics has rapidly increased in importance with the continuous scaling of semiconductor. This course is specially design to focus on the need of practical environment for a beginner to build a path in the field of EDA, which is a core need of electronic industry.

Syllabus for Electronic Design Automation BASIC

• Concept and need of EDA
• Introduction to EDA softwares
• Concept of PCB Design
• Brief Examination of Electronic components & different Packages
• Introduction to OrCAD
• Design Environment
• Design flow & Schematics
• Capture CIS
• Managing parts and libraries
• Editing tool Handling
• Making new parts
• DRC & Processing of design
• PSPICE Simulator
• Tools & Design editing
• Waveform analysis
• Layout Plus
• Concept of ECO & Making design files
• Managing footprints & libraries
• Making new footprints
• Tool handling for design
• Preliminary setting for making design
• Types of routing
• Single layer routing
• Double layer routing

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