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PLC based solar Irrigation control- in this project we will use soalr panel as a electricity source. PLC will be work as a brain of project. DTMF technology will be used to get data from mobie ..read more.  6000

ARM Processor based Energy saver

ARM processor based touch controlled robot

ARM processor based mobile devices control

ARM processor based conveyor segregation

ARM processor based Fan temperature monitoring system

Arduino based self balancing system

Arduino based sms device control

wifi  controlled device

ARM based Home security using PIR sensor


LPG cyllinder level monitoring system 3000

Android smart car parking 3000

Android based Fuel tank monitoring system 3000

Android based remote switching with wireless network 3000

Currency counter 4000

PLC based Bottling Plant Automation 6000

Touch screen based wireless controlled robot 4500

Solar water purifier 4000

racing system 3000

E – mouse using accelerometer with wireless pc mouse control 4500

Sea saw based car lift

Solar Pesticide based spray pump 4500

Solar drip irrigation system Electricity bill feedback system Electricity bill payment with gsm sms

Power factor measurement electronically 4000

Gesture operated E – mouse on PC screen-project is interested in this project we will use gesture sensor to control wireless mouse on PC or laptop. we will use C or C++ programming for mouse. we can do in java also. in transmitted side there will be accelerometer ADXl335 and RF trasnmitter circuit . In receiver side there will be Controller AVR atmega 16 or AT90s8535 or 89s52 . it will communicate with PC and will provide data to control mouse. in mouse we will control x, y coordinates of mouse and click.

Automated Home with GSM message Alert and GSM device Control– 3500

Automated Home- In this project there will alert and control of mail, gas leakage, street light , garden pump …Read more.. 3000

Propeller Clock- In this project we will install only 8 leds on small fan wings and when it will rotate then it will display time in Air. it will make illusion of Clock. Clock will give real current time using RTC DS130- …Read More..

Black Box Security system for- In this project we will do car automation – advancedment in car -latest sensor based car automation using microcontroller or PLC….Read 1500

Electricity Theft detection -in this project we will make RFID based system -first of all we will make gsm based prepaid electricity meter in which LCD will show cuurent reading of electricity consumption. in other section we will transmitt this reading sto substion. in this way subsation will collect all readings if there will be any theft then our substation reading will show theft…Read more. 3000

Traffic Light ambulance with RF accident Security- In this project Traffic light will work using Microcntroller 89s52 or PLC system. when any ambulance will come near traffic light then our RFID available in ambulance will trasmitt alert using RF modules 433MHz to traffic light panel. Traffic light panel will automatically set green light to side where ambulance is coming. in this way we can protect someone life. in other phase of project we will give security to vehicles . in case of any accident our sensor system based RF transmitter will send signal to Control room so that they could take action. vehicle No. will display on LCD….read moreWiper rovo

Optical Fiber Losses Measurement

Finger Print Based 4500

Heart Beat Monitor 1500

Gesture Robot 2500

Over Voltage Detection

Face Recognition

Vehicle based Fuel meter system

RF Accident Security

RF Attendance System

Army Based Laser Control

Ultrasonic Distance Meter

Laser Data control communication

GPS Based Accident Security System

Farmer Alert System

GPS Tracking System

Home Automation Using PLC

Automatic Guide Vehicle

Automatic Alcohol Detection In Vehicles

Alcohol Detector With Wireless Feedback

Alcohol Detector

Alcohol Detector With RF feedback

Anti-Collision Car/Train

Anti-Falling Robot

Anti Theft Car Security System

Anti-Theft Robot

ARM Machine

USB device Control

Bluetooth Device Control


Auto Cleaner GSM Robot


Auto Dialer With VP

Auto Stop Train RF Based

Auto Cleaner

Auto Dialer Heartbeat + Temp. Monitor

Automatic AC Control

Automatic Accident Alerts

Automatic Ambulance Alert System

Car Automation With Voice Processor

Automatic Distribution Control With Current Feedback

Automatic Drill Machine mechanism

Automatic Free Space Detection

Automatic Garage System

Automatic Gear Control System

Automatic Gear Control + Sensor Based Security


Auto Path + Auto Braking System

Auto Path Finder Robot

Voice Based Auto Path + Line Follower

AVR Based Energy Utilisation From Vehicles

Bank Security Using Password + IR Based

Black Box With VP

Sensor Based Security For Vehicles

Magic Stick For Blind Persons

Blind Stick

Voice Based Magic Stick

Bus Stop Indicator

Digital Calendar

Camera Security System

Car Automation

Car Parking Lift With Digital Display

Vehicle Security System With GSM Message


Room Cleaner Robot


Real Time Based Clock

Colour Detector

Automatic Conveyor System

Ultrasonic Proximity Detector

Current Measurement System

Automatic Meter reading – In this project we can make project in two ways. in first we we will get reading by calling to energy meter reading by sms . in another method we will not call we will send sms on receiver energy meter. energy meter will send sms to same number from which sms received .  first method is low cost solution. ion second method we can use serial eeprom also to save data in chip. for sending and receiving sms we could use GSM sim300 sim.VLSI based advance fuzzy logic based electrical lift controlGSM based LED DISLAY using sms
Train detection with two IR on each side and person in track detectionWireless Vehicle Speed Monitoring with Vehicle Document Verification SystemCurrency Counting machine
Coffee or Tea vending machine
Fingerprint based Vote casting system for College
Oil transformer temperature monitoring using FPGA with wireless sms alert – In this project we will get wireless sms alert via FPGA  when temperature of transformer increase above limted value. we will use VLSI technology for this purpose.
MATLAB coding on octave software  based device control using serial communication
Gesture based wireless robot Robot with ARM movement
Pseudo code generation with sms alert- in this project we will generate pseudo code by controller or fpga or cpld. our gsm modem will dend that code on saved no. we will enter password according to to received sms
Zigbee based industrial automation for machines
Peltier Based heating and cooling system with vessel temperature motoring and control
Solar based UPS invertor system with phase detection circuit.
VHDL based digital temperature monitoring  on seven segment display with AD7416 temperature I2C based
Colour Recognition based ARM machine
Wireless vehicle Speed monitoring with document verification System
PLC based Bottling Plant Automation
Solar charging Based Aircraft
Aircraft With Camera Security
Speech listening trobo
UID based Voting Machine
Piezo Electricity Generation
Solar based PLC mobile irrigation System
Bio-gas based Electrical generator
Solar based Industrial production Plant
Electricity meter gsm monitoring with wireless Reading
Solar energy Based Intelligent UPS inverter with SMS feedback
DC motor speed control using PI controller
Electricity theft Detection with wireless RF or SMS monitoring
Electricity Meter tempering security with GSM modem
PLC based production plant automation
Wireless Electricity Transmission
Gesture Based robotic arm/rovo
Bottling plant Automation
VHDL based Digital clock on seven segment display
VHDL based temperature monitoring using TMP175 sensor
VHDL based Temperature monitoring system
VHDL based VGA display
VHDL based Gesture Robot
VHDL based Device control system
Traffic Light system using SAND GLASS DISPLAY
RFID attendance system
Finger print voting for 30 Persons
3D cube on LEDs
LED display CLOCK 1 feetx2 feet
RF module based Data transmission with Data encryption-Simultaeous data trasnmission
Voice Operated Robotic ARM
Wireless Gesture robot
AVR based Solar Seeker
Mobile Jammer
FM Jammer
Propeller Clock
Propeller with Clock
Currency Counting Machine
Pseudo code based GSM message Locking
PLC based Car Parking System
PLC based Industrial Automation
Bus stop – Bus status Pre display
SMS based Control and Monitoring system
GPS monitoring system for vehicle
Arduino Based device Control
USB Control of Devices
Coffee machine Controller Based
AVR based Cell operated Control Irrigation System
AVR based Blind Stick
PIC Controller based Device Controller
PIC Controller based GSM monitoring system
Bus stand Short duration based Energy meter
Automatic Meter Reading send sms and get reading by sms, Auto switch on/off Meter
Scrubbing Robot
Machine failure Detection with SMS alert
Touch screen based Device control
Touch Screen based Display
Arduino Based Wireless robot
FPGA based Digital Clock with temperature indicator
CPLD or FPGA based digital signature using RFID
CPLD and MATLAB based Electrical AC motor speed control and monitoring on VGA

Data Transmisson Through IRDC Motor Speed Control With SCRSmart Card Energy meterDc Motor Control SystemSpeed Control Of DC MotorDEPTH SENSING AND PC INTERFACEDevice Control Through BluetoothDigital CounterDigital Display Fuel MeterDISPLAYDMA – VHDLDoor Security Access ControlDrill MechanismDTH InstallationDual ReGulated SupplyEnergy SaverEARTHQUAKE DETECTORELECTRIC DISTRIBUITION CONTROLElectricity Theft DetectionELECTRONIC LOCKEnergy Saver With RFEnergy Utilization From A Busy RoadElectronics Road PricingPassword Security Access ControlFace Recognition and Data AnalysisFan Temperature Control SystemEnvironmental Factors DetectorSMS Based Farmer Alert SystemTransmission Line Failure Indicator With RFFinger Print Based ATMFINGER PRINT ATTENDANCEFinger Print Based Voting MachineFire Extinguisher RobotFinger Print Based Security SystemGarage System + RF BasedGas Detector With AlarmGPS RAILWAY MONITORING SYSTEMGPS Tracking RobotEcho-System Sensor BasedGreen BeeGSM + AUTOPATHGSM Based Agriculture SystemGSM Based Irrigation SystemGSM Bsaed Colony AutomationGSM Based Home Appliances ControlGSM Control With PasswordDoor Open With Password + GSMPLC + GSM Based Device Control SystemGsm controlGsm modem security systemGSM Modem based push sms alertGSM Based student feedback systemGSM modem based avr securityGSM Robot with MicrocontrollerGSM ROBOTGSM SECURITY WITH GAS SENSORGSM SECURITYGSM SECURITY WO VPGSM SECURITY + GSM CONTROLHEART BEAT AND TEMP GSM MODEMHEART BESTHOME SECURITYHOTEL MANAGEMENTIC BASED ENGINEIC BURNERIC TESTERINDUSTRIAL AUTOMATION USING GSMINTELLIGENT CAR PARKINGINTELLIGENT CAR PARKING OLDINTELLIGENT HOME APPLIANCEINTELLIGENT IRRIGATIONINTELLIGENT TRAININTERCOMIR ATTENDANCEIR DISTANCE METERIR MOVING PLATFORMIR ROBOTIR STEPPER


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