Touch Screen based Devices control
Touch screen based menu ordering system
touch screen based alert system
RF accident security system
RF attendance system
RF attendance with Energy zone
RF attendance with student sitting light control
RF Toll pplaza
RF security alarm
RF vehicle control system
RF vehicle speed control
RF power failure alert
RF DC motor speed Control
RF energy meter
RF Racing system
Gesture Emouse
Gesture based balancing system
Gesture based vehicle speed control
Automatic Meter Reading using sms
Automatic meter reading using IOT
Colour sensing with action taking system
Colur sensing with object seggregation
Colour sensing with voice response
Colour sensing with sms alert
Tsop UPS invertor
Tsop war robot
Tsop Seed planter
Tsop solar grass cutter
Tsop control Devices
Tsop controlled Stepper motor
Tsop Mouse
TV remote as a mouse
Tsop Robot
Ultrasonic Autobraking vehicle
Ultrasonic dstbin – open close and sms alert
Ultrasonic Blind stick
Ultrasonic vehicle Bumper control
Ultrasonic water level monitoring
Ultrasonic Object chasing vehicle
RFIC control devices
RFID attendance system
RFID power control system
RFID Door Acess control
RFID energy consumption system
RFID based Toll plazaa
RFIDElectronics Voting system
RFID prepaid Energy meter
Normal Electronics Voting machine
GPS alert System 
GPS accident security system
GPS alert with woman safety
GPS alert with power failure Location
GPS alert with earth fault detection
Finger print attendance system
Finger print Voting machine
Finger print acess control system
Fingerprint home security
Finger Vehicle authetication acess control
IR/PIR control devices
IR/PIR security system
IR/PIR hand sanitiser
IR/PIR automatic door open with password
IR energy saver
IR road Light control system
IR Speed checker for highway
PIR based sanitiser cabin
PIR based door security
Biomedical Handicapped wheel chair
Biomedical IOT monitoring system
Biomedical Heart beat and Body tempearture 
Biomedical Ph level monitoing system
Bimedical ECG monitoring system
Biomedical alert using sms
Biomedical measurement system with control
Traffic light system
Traffic lIght with RF accident security
Traffic light with density check
Fastest Finger First quiz system 
RTC based Door access control
RTC based machine failure monitoring system
RTC device control
RTC based school management system
Prepaid Energy meter
Prepaid Energy meter using RF
Prepaid energy meter with low balance alert
Prepaid energy meter with voice response
Car Parking System 
Digital Clock and Calender 
Infrared Voice data communication 
Energy Saver 
RF accident security system 
Logical Password System 
Door access control 
RF Robot 
Remote Control Robot 
Autopath Robot 
Edge detection robot 
Digital fuel meter 
Speed hacker for highway 
Dc motor control with SCR 
Black box home automation 
Green Bee 
Fan temperature control 
Alcohol detector 
Mobile irrigation 
Blind Stick 
Ups Inverter 
Solar Battery Charger 
Optical voice and data communication
Optical CDMA Communication
Optical Losses measurements
Optical Losses meaurement with IOT
Optical One to many communication
wireless car documentation checking
wireless device control
wireless  vehicle monitoring system
wireless Motor speed control
Wireless sensor monitoring
wireless energy meter monitoring system
wireless home secusity system
wireless car secuity system
GSM secuirty system
GSM GPS security system
GSM Load monitoring system
GSM electricity fault detection
Solar car
Solar Tracker single axis
Solar tracker Double axis
Solar Tracker Heavy
Railway mointiring system
Speech recognition based device control
Speech recognition based guiding system
Overload Voltage & Current detection with SMS alert 
Auto stop Train 
Peltier Based Temperature Control 
Weight sensor based put coin draw power
Metal Detector with Sms alert 
Speech based listening robot 
Flex sensor based robotic car 
Power factor control system 
GSM Robot 
IC Based Engine 
Put coin draw power 
Road Energy Utilization with Energy saver 
Rf Toll Plaza 
Railway Crossing System 
Metal Detector with Alarm 
Plant Irrigation control 
Rain detector 
Power Failure with RF Feedback 
Fire Extinguisher Robot 
Fluid detector 
Three phase selector 
Laser leveler robot 
Water level indicator 
PC Controlled wireless robot 
PC controlled home automation 
PIR Security system 
Border security system 
PIR Lab security 
PLC based home automation
Power line control of devices 
Power line DTMF 
Power failure with GSM Modem 
Public Garden Automation 
Multi Storey Car parking 
Object Detection and segregation 
Multitasking robot 
Normal Lift 
Object Counter 
One to Many Communication 
Optical Fiber control system 
Optical losses measurement 
Over voltage detection 
Paid parking lift with LCD 
PC Controlled Metro train 
PC Controlled Stepper motor 
PC Control wireless car 
PIR Based power saving 
Ups inverter with battery 
RTC based home automation 
Android controlled devices 
Remote based automation 
Smart city