Electronics Projects Ludhiana

Gesture Robot
UID based voting machine
Bomb Detection robot with Metal Detector
Ultrasonic Cruze Robot Car
Touch Screen based projects
Eye blink sensor security
Graphical LCD based projects
Electronic Voting Machine
Fastest Finger First quiz system
Biomedical system
Traffic Light control system
Prepaid Energy Meter using Punching card
Prepaid Energy Meter using RF
CNC Drilling Machine using Microcontroller
Car Parking System
Digital Clock and Calender
Infrared Voice data communication
Energy Saver
RF accident security system
Logical Password System
Door access control
Ultrasonic sensor based vehicle with collision SMS alert
RF Robot
Remote Control Robot
Auto path Robot
Edge detection robot
Digital fuel meter
Speed hacker for highway
Dc motor control with SCR
Black box home automation
Green Bee
Fan temperature control
Alcohol detector
RF Control devices
Wireless car documentation
Mobile irrigation
Blind Stick
Ups Inverter
Solar Battery Charger
100 watt Bulb with solar charging
Wireless mouse control using IR
GPS vehicle alert with GSM
Stepper motor speed control
Remote Based Stepper Motor Control
Heart Beat Monitor
Electricity Theft Detection
UID based Energy Meter
Automatic Meter Reading
Color sensing Robotics
Meter tempering with coded message alert
Wireless SMS alert Home Security System
Substation control using GSM messages
Biometric Computer Access control system
Electronic Card based voting machine
Gesture Wheel chair movement
Automated home
Racing system
Propeller Clock
Railway system automation
RF vehicle speed control
Overload Voltage & Current detection with SMS alert
Solar seeker
Vehicle headlight movement with steering control
Peltier Based Temperature Control
Weight sensor based put coin draw power
Metal Detector with Sms alert
Speech based listening robot
Flex sensor based robotic car
Power factor control system
GSM Robot
IC Based Engine
Machine Failure Detection – Time based
Auto stop Train
Prepaid Energy Meter
Smart Card Attendance system
Put coin draw power
Road Energy Utilization with Energy saver
Rf Toll Plaza
Railway Crossing System
Metal Detector with Alarm
Plant Irrigation control
Rain detector
Power Failure with RF Feedback
Fire Extinguisher Robot
Fluid detector
Three phase selector
Laser leveler robot
Water level indicator
PC Controlled wireless robot
PC controlled home automation
PIR Security system
Border security system
PIR Lab security
PLC based home automation
Power line control of devices
Power line DTMF
Power failure with GSM Modem
Public Garden Automation
Multi Storey Car parking
Object Detection and segregation
Multitasking robot
Normal Lift
Object Counter
One to Many Communication
Optical Fiber control system
Optical losses measurement
Over voltage detection
Paid parking lift with LCD
PC Controlled Metro train
PC Controlled Stepper motor
PC Control wireless car
PIR Based power saving
Ups inverter with battery
RTC based home automation
Android controlled devices
Remote based automation
Smart city
Digital Tachometer
Digital Voltage, Current and Frequency meter
Substation Fuse Blown Indicator
Talking Energy Meter
Sine wave Inverter
Transformer less Variable Frequency Drive
DC -DC Convertor
Transformer over heat detection
Steam Turbine
Water Turbine
Industrial Plant Automation
Star Delta mechanism for Three Phase Motor
Current Distribution System
Stepper Motor Control
Tv remote DC Motor
Road Energy Utilization
Energy Saver
Vehicle speed Breaker based electricity generation
Mechanical Mobile Charger
Password/Smart Card access system Automatic
RF Energy Meter
Postpaid Electricity meter
Mobile Irrigation
Load Measurement with control
Put Coin draw power at railway station
Three Phase Selector
Power Line Communication using DTMF
Power Line Communication using PLL
Designing of Haptic Keypad With Magnetic Door Lock System
An On-line Monitoring System of Transmission Line Conductor De-icing
AC-AC Converter
Three phase motor speed control using PWM
Speed Breaker based Electricity Generation
Regenerative Braking System
Wireless Electrical Bell with option of speaking message when no one at home
Electronics projects
Traffic Light Control System
ARM Based Blind Stick
RTC Based Home Automation
Home Security System
Heart Beat Monitoring
Heart Beat Monitoring
Stepper Motor Speed Control
GSM & GPS based accident alert
UPS Inverter
Over Voltage Detection
Metal Detector With Sms Alert
Automatic Meter Reading
Electricity Theft Detection
PC Controlled Home Automation
PIR Security System
PC Controlled Wireless Robot
Water Level Indicator
Fire Detector
Power Failure With RF Feedback
Rain Detector
Car Parking System
RF Robot
Prepaid Energy Meter Using RF
GSM Robot
Door Access Control
Logical Password System
RF Accident Security System
Mobile Irrigation
RF Control Devices
Infrared Voice Data Communication
Blind Stick
Wireless Car Documentation
Follower Robot
Black Box
Alcohol Detector
Fan Temperature Control
Electricity Theft detection with Overload Detection & energy meter consumption display
GSM Based Automatic meter reading with load on off using GSM
Power station with smart city features
Android app based Electrical appliance control
Power Factor Monitoring and control
Wireless Electricity Transfer
Wireless power failure alert system
PLC Based Traffic Light System
PLC Based Home Appliance Control System
Protecting induction motor from phase & Temperature
DC Motor Speed Control Using IGBT/MOSFET/SCR
Power Line Communication using Phase Locked Loop
Simulation-Buck &Booster, DC Motor Speed
Electrical Distribution control using AVR
PLC Based Multi storage Lift
PLC Based Temperature Control System
Solar Based Digital UPS Inverter
Over Voltage under voltage load Protection
Switching load by touch
Footstep Power Generation System
MC less Four Quadrant DC Motor Control
Wifi Based Appliance Control
Candle Based Electricity Generation
Solar Water Heater
Solar Water Cooler
Earth Leakage fault Detection
Automatic Meter Reading using SMS
PLC Based solar irrigation control
PLC Based Bottling Plant
Solar Pesticide Based spray pump
Traffic Light Ambulance with RF accident Security
Solar Grass Cutter with battery backup
Android/ Bluetooth / Touch screen based device control
Street Light Control Using Mobile
Electrical Distribution Control
Power Station Model
Mechanical Projects
Solar powered vapor absorption system
Dill based grinding machine
Regenerative breaking system
Material handling in x y z direction
kneading machine for flour making
Working model of pelton wheel turbine
Pneumatic based zigzag bridge
separation of metallic and non metallic material
Controlling AC Lamp Dimmer through Mobile Phone
A smart card based Prepaid Electricity system
DC Motors speed Synchronization for drilling machines
Smart Wireless Temperature Data Logger
PIR Based Energy Conservation system for Corporate Computers and Lighting System
Development of X Bee Based Street Light
Micro controller Based Sub Station Monitoring and Control
Micro controller Based Generator/Alternator Control and Monitoring System
Electrical Data Logger
Micro controller Based Single phasing preventor
Wireless SCADA
Automatic Intelligent plant Watering system
Variable Frequency Device Control
Induction Motor Speed Control with PWM and Thyristors
Peltier Based Temperature Control and Monitoring
Solar Charger with Auto Switching Out
Three Phase Selector without controller
DC Motor Speed Control
Room Light Intensity Control Without Controller
GSM Based Remote Monitoring and control of Digital Energy Meter
Traffic Light control without controller
Mobile control device without controller
RF control devices without controller
Overload Protection without controller
Meter tempering system without controller

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