Autocleaner TV Remote


In this project we will control Robot using TV remote and clean objects using remote. We will add a robotic arm on top of the Robot which will be controlled using TV remote. We will use arm for cleaning purpose. Motor will be attached with arm for movement. We will use Philips TV remote.

Our project is to be divided into few parts.


Vehicle control.

Supply circuit








In this project we use smart logic and control system of embedded system by using microcontroller. In this project we use ic 89c51 as a main processor.. microcontroller sense the signal and drive the motor of the robotic vehicle. .


Ist circuit is ic 8870.  IC   8870  is a bcd to dtmf decoder. So our first part of the circuit is our dtmf decoder. This part is very much necessary, without using this part is not possible to  interact with the  mobile phone or dtmf based any phone. Whenever we press any switch from the transmitter phone then transmitter transmit some signal as per the switch press. So on every press switch there is a different signal


Frequency 1209 1336 1477 1633
697 1 2 3 A
770 4 5 6 B
852 7 8 9 C
941 * 0 # D


Output of the dtmf decoder is bcd.ur next circuit is how to convert bcd signal into decimal signal. In this project we use ic 74154 as a bcd to decimal decoder circuit. IC 74154 converts the bcd signal into decimal signal . Output of the 74154 is  active low.

Output of the  74154 is connected to the 89c2051 microcontroller. Ic 89c2051 microcontroller basically drive the motor for forward and reverse movement.

Output of the microcontroller is connected to the optocoupler circuit. Here in this project we use ic pc 817 as a  optocoupler to interface the  microcontroller to small slow speed dc gear motor. One gear motor drive the  vehicle and second gear motor change the front wheel of vehicle..


Power supply circuit.

In this project we use 9 volt battery to drive the vehicle. One 9 volt battery for the microcontroller circuit. Second 9 volt battery  drive  the motor driver circuit . Here in the project we one 5 volt regulator circuit. Output of the 9 volt dc is converted into 5 volt dc by using  7805 regulator circuit. Ic 7805 regulator converts the  9 volt dc into 5 volt dc with the help of the 5 volt regulator 7805.