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Syllabus OF AVR Controller Introduction to AVR Series of AVR controllers Architecture of AVR Types of Memory Pin Configuration of AVR Registers of AVR Memory Paging, Addressing modes Different ports and DDR register Literal...

AVR Controller Training Syllabus 0

AVR Controller Training Syllabus

SYLLABUS OF AVR CONTROLLER What is AVR Introduction to AVR. Series of AVR controllers Block diagram of AVR, Reset Circuit, crystal circuit and power supply circuit, Memory types. Pin Configuration of AVR. Study of...

AVR Project List final year projects 0

AVR Project List final year projects

These are Just Few Ideas not the complete list . For detail list please visit our office-9888708401 All these Project can possible with PC/8051/AVR/PIC/ARM Vision-Based Eye-Gaze Tracking for Human Computer Interface Human-computer interaction has...