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PCB Design 0

PCB Design

PCB Design Syllabus ORCAD Capture CIS  Building parts and symbols  Creating a new project  Creating multi-sheet flat designs  Copying work between projects  Assigning reference designators  Design checking ...

Embedded Training  ARM processor+ PCB Design 0

Embedded Training ARM processor+ PCB Design

Training Syllabus Embedded System Introduction of 8051 Component of 8051 About Resistors, Capacitors, Transistors Digital IC’s detail and Logic gates about AVR,PIC, ARM INTEL,Philips,AVR,Microchip The  Architecture  Registers Memory Organization Port organization On chip Peripherals...

VHDL training + PCB design 0

VHDL training + PCB design

VHDL training Details- Course objectives: This course is about the design of digital systems using a hardware description language, VHDL. Define a hardware design utilizing the three basic VHDL modeling styles: data flow, structural,...