traffic light ambulance




  • In this project we will use IC 89s52 (a 8051 based IC). In this project we used three LED’s . One is for red, one is for Green and other is for yellow. We programmed IC for traffic light.
  • In a country like India, the only way to manage the ever growing traffic is to switch to electronic road pricing.


  • So we decided to make a project in which we can make an “INTELLIGENT TRAFFIC LIGHT SYSTEM so that it can detect any vehicle coming towards it and changes traffic light. When ever an emergency occurs.


  • So an Ambulance can change or control traffic light accordingly.


  • In this we use rf technology. We built an rf transmitter section in the car, so that when a car reaches at the receiver the signal is detected.


  • The receiver is built in the traffic light system, so that when the car reaches at the traffic light it gets and indication and it shows alert.


  • For this we use IR sensors, encoder and rf module in the transmitter section which is to be fitted in the car.


  • For receiver section we use rf module which works at 434 MHz frequency and decoder to decode the signal, then it transferred to the microcontroller—which the main part of our project and all programming is done in it, for proper reception


  • When any vehicle reaches near it which is to be sensed by IR sensors, then automatically our traffic light changes for red light to yellow and to green light.





We will use RF technology for Transmission and reception

The remote control is built using RF encoder chip HT12E that will generate different codes. These codes will be transmitted by 434 MHz RF transmitter. At the receiving side these codes will be received by 434 MHz RF receiver and decoded by RF decoder chip HT12D.

In this project we show that how we design a RF information transfers. In this project we use two RF module for wireless data transfer. In this project we use 89s52 microcontroller as a main processor. This controller is basically a  40 pin ic. In this project we use two sensor also.ROM of 89s52 is 8k and ram is 256 byte.

We are using 16*2 lcd in this project. Lcd is connected to port 0 which will display the no. of vehicle .We are using counter in programming to show no. of accidents in that area. So that solutions can be found out to avoid these accidents.

We will use buzzer to alert about accident on receiver side. A rf tag transmitter will be provided to each vehicle for vehicle identification. In case of any accident it will transmit its ID. On receiver side RF module will give signal to microcontroller.

Microcontroller is decision maker here and informer to person on duty. It will give data to LCD , buzzer and LED’s. we will also use four LEDs to show accidents for immediate action. So that the Ambulance could reach there as early as possible.


Pin no 40 is connected to the positive supply. In this project we provide a 5 volt dc power supply. This power supply is truly regulated power supply. Pin no 20 is connected to the negative supply. Here we supply a negative voltage on this pin. Crystal is connected to the pin no 18 and 19 of the microcontroller. Crystal provide a clock signal to run the vehicle and process all the internal requirement of the  circuit. We use two sensor and these two sensor are connected to the p3.4 and p3.5 of the microcontroller.For the regulated power supply we use ic 7805 as a regulator to provide a fix 5 volt power supply.