Synopsis Traffic Alert System for Blind Turns

Traffic Alert System for Blind Turns


Ø This is a very low cost social useful project developed to avoid the major road accidents that are occurring in the Blind turns. The Blind turn includes the Hairpin Bends, blind U turns in the high ways etc


Ø This Project will get the Size of the Vehicle Using the timing and Control circuit designed by the 555 timer and phase locked loop.


Ø So the size and the distance will be given to the next side of the turn that will be helpful for the Drivers and they will make themselves prepared and also they can protect the Peoples from the Road accidents
















  • 8051 programmer universal kit
  • CRO 20 Mhz
  • Digital multimeter


  • OrCAD for PCB designing
  • Keil for Programming
  • Proteus 7.6 Simulation


  1. Reliable
  2. Easy to fabricate
  3. Flexible
  4. Low cost
  5. Portable


  1. Cost increase with in crease in cost.
  2. No reliable manufacturer in India

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